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Wednesday Morning Food for Thought:

As an entrepreneur I have new ideas for my business (literally) every single day but I don’t tend to take action on any of them because “I don’t feel ready yet.” I’ve recently realized that the key to mastering anything is just STARTING. Start before you feel ready. Start before you feel qualified or prepared because the truth is, when approaching something we’ve never done before most of the time we never truly feel ready. The fear of failure holds us back from reaching for bigger goals and dreams.

The feeling of unrealized potential actually feels worse than trying and failing at something. Failure means that you tried. Failure means progress, it means lessons learned & new insights gained. It means you’re closer to succeeding today than you were yesterday. Failing means you’re DOING SOMETHING.

As an entrepreneur, failing makes you a DOER and it’s the only way the greats got where they are now. Most successful entrepreneurs came up with an idea, tried it out, made mistakes and had to start over, tried again (possibly failed again,) and then eventually got it right. Success isn’t for the lazy or the fearful, it’s for the consistent, relentless, hardworking, goal oriented, action-taking dreamers. So go START something fun and scary, and call us if you need help with any of it. ✌️😉🖤

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