DBA (Fictitious Business Name)

What is a DBA?

A ‘DBA’ (Fictitious Business Name) is a legal registration to establish a business name for your company that is different from your personal name or from the officially registered name of your LLC or corporation. DBA stands for “doing business as.” Filing a DBA protects your business name county wide. While it is always recommended to register a DBA for your business to protect your company name locally, if you are looking for stronger (and wider) protection for your company registering a trademark would be your next move. Learn more about trademarks here.

Our DBA Package includes:



Do I need a DBA?

You need a DBA if:

  • You are a sole proprietor/individual or partnership and would like to start a business under a name that is not your personal name(s)
  • You have an existing corporation or LLC and would like to register a new business name for your company that is not the same name as your current business entity


What are the benefits of registering a DBA?

  • Fastest and least costly way (initially) to register a business
  • Enables you to open a business bank account under your company name
  • Allows you to reserve the name of your business, county wide, for 5 years
  • Customers and clients will be able to pay you with checks made out to your company name
  • Prevents local competitors from operating under your business name
  • Let’s other business owners know who you are and what you do


What is the difference between filing a DBA under my personal name versus a Corporation or LLC?

Filing a DBA under your personal name means that you are registering a business as a Sole Proprietor or “Individual.”

In this scenario:

  • You are essentially the business, operating under a different name
  • You are personally responsible for all business profits, debts and liabilities
  • You do not have a corporation or LLC that you’re operating under


Filing a DBA under a corporation or LLC allows you to operate under additional business names, while still being covered under the protection of your corporation or LLC.

In this scenario:

  • Your corporation or LLC is the legal entity (person) who owns the DBA name
  • The corporation or LLC is responsible for all business profits, debts and liabilities

How long is a DBA good for?

Once registered and published, DBA’s expire 5 years after the file date (this date is listed in the top right corner of the official Fictitious Business Name Statement.)

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