Foreign Corporation Registration

Foreign Corporation Registration What is it? A Foreign Corporation can be referred to as a term mostly used in the United States of America for an already existing corporation that is registered to do business in a jurisdiction or state apart from where it was at first incorporated. For instance, your company was incorporated and […]

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Start something TODAY.

Wednesday Morning Food for Thought: As an entrepreneur I have new ideas for my business (literally) every single day but I don’t tend to take action on any of them because “I don’t feel ready yet.” I’ve recently realized that the key to mastering anything is just STARTING. Start before you feel ready. Start before […]

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Forgie Fuzzies

Forgie Fuzzies Imagine a fitness class where you can get a productive work out and be comfortable and stylish at the same time. Entrepreneur Jerin Forgie created a product that makes this idea possible. She’s developed a creative accessory for Pilates machine workouts that adds a little fun and fabulousness to your every day Pilates class!   […]

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Social Entrepreneurship

What is Social Entrepreneurship?   As a new entrepreneur, every time I’ve heard the term “social entrepreneurship” I get a feeling of excitement and intrigue. Social + entrepreneurship? Yes! Sign me up. The idea of building a business that contributes something meaningful and beneficial, not just for your clients and employees but for the world, is […]

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Did you know that your DBA (Fictitious Business Name statement) expires after 30 days of the filing date unless you publish a legal notice for it in a n adjudicated newspaper?

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